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EASY EMDR for the Military & their Families

Becoming a Veteran of the Armed Forces can be a difficult enough challenge, but when doing so while suffering from the complex effects of PSTD can at times seem impossible. The road to recovery often requiring weeks if not years of therapy, can be very distressing when re-living the past in painful group sessions. The process can be extremely stressful leading to severely increased anxiety to unmanageable levels where we start to develop physiological symptoms in the body leading to either physical and/or mental illness, self-harm and thoughts of suicide.  The minds natural defence system, when faced with events that are so painful to process, is to bypass the conscious mind storing them instead deep in the subconscious kept well out of harms way.  This can be the case with PTSD but often such events are played back as flashbacks or night terrors and when triggered they can often be seriously debilitating, affecting us in everything we do and think. 


There are a number of integrated complimentary therapies that can alleviate stress and anxiety offered by services charities with techniques such as CBT or NLP, but if these don't work then it's because the not the right treatment!  For trauma that's lasted over 3 months EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) is recommended by the NICE (the National Institute for Care & Health Excellence) as well as the ASA (the American Psychiatric Association) and even the WHO (the World Health Organisation) as the approved intervention and treatment for PTSD. 


EMDR is clinically approved to have dramatic, immediate life changing effects rather than instead of undergoing years of psychotherapy. If you, your children or partner could benefit from EMDR there is very good news now indeed! I know I've had it!


EMDR is a highly effective treatment and parents or partners who want to take more responsibility for their families because they have perhaps been let down by local mental health services, now can in the safety of their own home - in just 4 steps!

By making EMDR available for Home Use we have responsibly taken away the reliance on physicians and demystified the treatment right here for you, to learn in very simple quick easy steps, giving the power back to the everyday people, to help change how the world treats mental health - at home and in the communities.


EMDR is only available privately so for those who cannot afford such help or have little or no access to EMDR, this simple book can change and even save lives where there is no access to EMDR.  Children suffering can also be helped its not just about the service men and women - there is almost no help for them - until now!

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EMDR Specialist Anxiety Practitioner 

Wadebridge | Cornwall

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