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EASY EMDR for Refugees & NGO's

The comprehensive international picture of the mental health of child and adult refugees surviving the trauma of war, conflict and displacement shows an obvious prevalence of complex PTSD symptoms and associated behaviours. The role of health services is already over burdened and there is no immediate or long term access to mental health services. Whilst this is similar to even developed countries we should in no way exclude those who equally our help just because of cost or access problems.


The very good news is that EMDR is a simple and easy to learn yet highly effective front line treatment that can be used in the field by aid workers, volunteers, community leaders and NGO's, because it requires no equipment just your fingers. So for those who want to take more responsibility for the children and adults in their care you now can.

By making EMDR available for Home Use we have responsibly taken away the reliance on physicians and demystified the treatment right here for the every day person, to learn EMDR in very simple quick easy steps. Through the UK's only EMDR Charity 'PTSD FREE' anyone who purchases a copy of any one of the EASY EMDR books will also help change how refugees around the world can have their mental health treated in their field communities. At least 10% of each book sale is donated to the charities partners to be able to print and access on demand the EASY EMDR books for FREE for their distribution to where they are needed most. EASY EMDR truly is a Global Mental Health Change Initiative and we thank everyone everywhere for their support. 


It doesn’t necessarily remove the need or role of field doctors in the treatment of complex mental health disorders, but for those who simply can never access such help or have no access to EMDR, this book can help people live with hope and dignity.  

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EMDR Specialist Anxiety Practitioner 

Wadebridge | Cornwall

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