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There are over 600 conditions listed here that you can browse to give you an idea, hope and confidence in what hypnotherapy can suitably help you with, to regain control of your life and move forward positively.  




The list is just an indication and is by no means exhaustive, although it's pretty comprehensive.  If you are suffering from one or a combination of conditions these can often be treated in just one session, however some conditions will require different therapies and approaches (EMDR) dependant on their nature and severity.  This is why we always provide a free no obligation consultation so you can be assessed in person and offered the correct advice and course of therapy suitable.  You will always have the opportunity before and after every therapy to review your thoughts, progress and experience of the session before embarking on further therapy, if needed. Call 0800 634 3364 or email:

Conditions suitable

for Hypnotherapy

What can we help you with... A - Z



Addictive Personality

Alcohol Aversion

Alcohol Cessation

Alcohol Moderation

Binge Drinking

Boredom Drinking

Caffeine Addiction

Cannabis Addiction

Chewing Tobacco

Chocolate Addiction

Chocolate Aversion

Cigarette Cravings

Cocaine Addiction

Coming off Anti-depressants

Compulsive Spending

Cutting Down on Smoking

Drug Addictions

E Cigarette Addiction

Fun Without Alcohol

Gambling Addiction

Games Console Obsession

Healthy Living

Mobile Phone Obsession

Nicotine Craving

Nicotine Gum Addiction

Pipe Smoking

Pornography Addiction

Psychic Phone Line Addiction

Salt Addiction

Secret Smoking

Self Hypnosis

Sexual Addiction

Shopping Addiction

Social Drinking

Social Network Addiction

Soft Drink Addiction

Stop Shoplifting

Stop Smoking

Sugar Addiction

Tranquilizer Addiction

TV Addiction

Loss and Anger


Achieving Assertiveness

Aggressive Personality

Anger Management

Anniversary Grief

Bad Temper


Bypassing Anger to Rage

Forgiveness Issues



Guilt of Not Saying Goodbye

Impending Bereavement


Loosing your Pet

Loss of a Child

Managing Rage

Passive Personality

Road Rage

Self Harming

Short Fuse

Stopping Swearing

Survivors Guilt

Violent Outbursts

Sexual Problems


Boost your Masculinity

Cross Dressing

Dealing with Rape

Delayed Ejaculation



Healing Child Abuse


Increased Libido

Intimate Sex

Living with Erectile Dysfunction

Living with Impotence Relaxation

Masturbation Addiction

Painful Intercourse

Premature Ejaculation

Saying NO to Sex

Sexual Fulfilment with Partners

Sexuality Confusion

Vasectomy Procedure Relaxation

Stress & Anxiety


Adult Survivors of Child Abuse

Anxiety Release

Blow Away Stress

Emotional Baggage

Emotional Calm

Fast Anxiety Release


Happiness Visualisation

Learn to Cry

Life Changes

Living Alone


Morbid Thoughts


Negative Emotion Release

Negative Memories


New Beginnings

Newly Single

Nightmares and Terrors


Panic Attacks




Rollercoaster Anxiety

Sense of Humour

Stress Management

Surviving Childhood Violence

Tuning into Emotions

Work Related Stress

Work Worries


Body & Confidence 


Accepting Baldness

Adopted Child

Anti-ageing Visualisation


Best Mans Nerves

Better Posture


Body Building

Body Dismorphic Disorder Relaxation

Breast Enhancement Visualisation

Breast Reduction Visualisation

Building Muscle Mass



Confidence at Work

Confidence with Horses

Court Case Confidence

Decision Making

Ego Boost

Exuding Beauty

Facial Slimming Relaxation

Finding Lost Objects

Hair Growth Visualisation

Height Confidence

Inappropriate Laughter

Inner Child

Living with Disfigurement

Penis Enhancement Visualisation


Public Speaking

Regaining Confidence

Remove Facial Hair Visualisation

Self Authority

Self Belief

Self Esteem


Social Anxiety

Social Confidence

Stop Stuttering

Time Line Therapy


Voice Projection

Business & Personal Development


Accepting Childlesness

Accepting Change

Accepting Responsibility

Accepting Yourself



Ask for a Pay Rise


Attracting Abundance


Balance Your Life

Become Tidy & Organised

Better Conversationalist

Better Dancing

Better Handwritting

Brain Power

Business Meetings

Camera Shy

Career Confidence

Charisma Visualisation

Completing Tasks

Coping with Jet Lag

Creating Wealth

Creative Painting


Curbing Control Tendencies

Dealing with Employees

Dealing with Redundancy

Empower Yourself

Enjoy Housework

Enjoy your Job

Excel at Sport

Executive Skills

Facing Bankruptcy

Financial Worries

Fun Without Alcohol

Great Guitar Playing

Imaginative Intelligence

Improved Co-ordination

Independance from Parents


Inner Adviser

Interupted Sleep Relaxation

Lottery Addiction

Luck & Intuition

Natural Negotiation

Networking Confidence

Peak Performance

Perfect Pianist


Personal Pride

Power Nap Relaxation

Powerful Public Speaking





Reinvent Yourself

Relaxation at Work

Self Consciousness

Self Criticism

Self Expectations

Selling Skills

Sensible Spending

Sensory Direction

Settling into a New Country

Song Writing and Performance

Speaking Slower

Sports & Gym users

Stage Fright

Step Back from Business

Succesfull Self Employment

Sucessful Interviews

Super Superstitious 

Think for Yourself

Time Management

Tone Deafness

Unlock Visualisation Ability

Unlock Your Creative Abilities

Velvet Voice



Accepting Alcoholism

Attracting Love

Coping with Caring

Cyber Cheating

Empty Nest Syndrome

Ending Abuse

Forgetting an Ex-partner

Gay Relationships



Long Term Relationships

Mend your Marriage

Parental Alienation


Rebuilding Trust

Selective Dating

Stop Cheating

Stop Controlling

Unrequited Love

Unresponsive Partner

Wedding Worries

Skin Problems



Eczema Relaxation

Excessive Sweating Relaxation

Facial Cysts Relaxation

Hives Relaxation

Living with Acne Relaxation

Living with Warts Relaxation

Psorasis Relaxation

Rosacea Relaxation

Skin Complextion Visualisation

Skin Picking - Excoratia 

Weight Loss and Management


Binge Eating

Boredome Eating

Chocolate Cravings

Easy Weight Loss

Emotional Eating

Enjoy Solid Food

Exercise in Your Sleep

Exercise Motivation

Family Obesity


Festive Eating

Fit, Trim & Healthy

Food Substitution

Gastric Band Adjustment

Gastric Band Hypnosis

Healthy Choices

Healthy Eating

Hypnotic Stomach Stapling

Ideal Weight and Shape

Letting Go of Excess Weight

Lose Protective Weight

Maintaining Weight Loss

Night-Time Eating

Portion Control

Rapid Weight Loss

Regaining Slimness

Secret Eating

Slimmer You


Slower Eating & Drinking

Stop Snacking

Timeine Basic Slimming

Ultimate Slimming

Wedding Weight Loss

Weighing Obsession

Weight  Gain for Men

Weight Gain for Women

Weight Loss

1mind hypnotherapy hitchin hertfordshire professional hypnotherapy for weight loss stop smoking PTSD hypno gastric band stress anxiety addiction fear phobia adrian shute relationships therapy driving test nerves confidence

Child and Adult Survivor


Abortion Shame

ADHD Relaxation

Alleviate Child Care Monotony

Baby Bonding

Bedwetting Relaxation

Child ADHD Relaxation

Child Anxiety Release

Child Concentration

Child Coping with Divorce

Child Defiance

Child Enjoy Homework

Child Fear of Dentists

Child Fear of Flying

Child Fear of Needles

Child Fear of Sleepovers

Child Fear of Swimming

Child Hair Pulling

Child IBS Relaxation

Child Life Changes

Child Nail Biting

Child Nose Picking

Child Obesity

Child School Phobia

Child Separation Anxiety

Child Sound Sleeping

Child Teeth Grinding

Child Thumb Sucking

Child Coping with Divorce

Crying Baby

Healthy Eating during Pregnancy

Infertility Relaxation Men/Women

IVF Relaxation

Life Changes


Nail Biting

Opposition to Hypnosis

Over Protective Parent

Parents of Premature Baby

Perfect Parenting

Post Natal Depression Relaxation

Problem Solving

Smoke Free Pregnancy

Successful Step Parenting

Teenageer Time Management

Child Fear of Monsters

Child Fear of the Dark

Success! Message received.

Exams and Nerves


Accelerated Studying

Automatic Typing

Computer Confidence


Driving Test Nerves

Driving Theory Test Nerves

Dyscalculia Relaxation

Dyslexia Relaxation

Exam Anxiety

Exam Study Motivation

Exam Success

Foreign Language Study

Listening Skills

Memory and Concentration

Memory Recall

Mental Blocks

Photographic Memory

Practical Exam Nerves

Presentations and Exams

Sleep Learning

Speed Reading

Stress Free Studying

Study Skills

Super Learning

Time Management

Wedding Day Nerves

Writers Block

Fears and Phobias





Compulsive Collecting

Compulsive Hoarding


Fast Phobia Releasing

Fear - All Other

Fear of Ageing

Fear of Air Turbulance

Fear of Anesthesia

Fear of Authority

Fear of Balloons

Fear of Bees or Wasps

Fear of Being Alone

Fear of Birds

Fear of Blood

Fear of Bridges

Fear of Cats

Fear of Choking

Fear of Closed Spaces

Fear of Clowns

Fear of Commitment

Fear of Conflict

Fear of Confrontation

Fear of Criticism

Fear of Crowds

Fear of Death

Fear of Dentists

Fear of Doctors

Fear of Dogs

Fear of Driving

Fear of Dwarfs

Fear of Elevators

Fear of Failure

Fear of Fairground Rides

Fear of Fear

Fear of Finances

Fear of Fish

Fear of Flying

Fear of Frogs

Fear of Furry Animals

Fear of Germs

Fear of Ghosts

Fear of Heights

Fear of HIV

Fear of Hospitals

Fear of Injections

Fear of Insects

Fear of Internal Examinations

Fear of Living Alone

Fear of Loud Noises

Fear of Meeting People

Fear of Moths

Fear of Motorway Driving

Fear of Mountaneous Driving

Fear of Needles

Fear of Open Spaces

Fear of Pain

Fear of Panic Attacks

Fear of Passenger Travel

Fear of Poverty

Fear of Rats and Mice

Fear of Rejection

Fear of Rollercoasters

Fear of Shopping Centres

Fear of Skiing

Fear of Snakes

Fear of Spiders

Fear of Spiders Webs

Fear of Success

Fear of Surgery

Fear of Swimming

Fear of the Telephone

Fear of the Dark

Fear of the Unknown

Fear of Thunderstorms

Fear of Toilets

Fear of Underground Travel

Fear of Water

Pain Management

Panic Attacks

Health & Wellbeing


Acid Stomach Relaxation

Alzheimers Relaxation


Arthralgia Relaxation

Asperger Syndrome Relaxation

Asthma Relaxation

Ataxia Relaxation

Back Pain Easing Visualisation

Bells Palsy Relaxation

Bipolar Relaxation

Bladder Control

Blood Pressure Relaxation

Brain Cyst/Tumor Relaxation

Broken Bones Relaxation


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Relaxation

Colitis Relaxation

Colonoscopy Relaxation

Combination Depression/Anxiety

Compulsive Lying

Constipation Relaxation

Coping with Celiac Disease

Coping with Stomach Ulcers

Crohn's Disease Relaxation

Depression Relaxation

Drink Driving Aversion

DVT Relaxation

Dystonia Relaxation

Edema Relaxation

Endometriosis Relaxation

Endoscopy Relaxation

Enjoy Fruit and Vegetables

Emphysema Relaxation

Epilepsy Relaxation

Essential Tremor Disorder Relaxation

Excessive Burping

Excoration Dissorder

Eye Surgery whilst Awake

Eyesight problems and Visualisation

Fibrods Relaxation

Fibromyalgia Relaxation

Gall Stones Relaxation

General Healing Relaxation

Glove Anesthesia Pain Relief

Gout Relaxation

Habitual Drinking

Hailotosis Relaxation

Hay Fever Relaxation

Headaches Relaxtion

Healthy Mind & Body

Hepatitis Relaxation

Herpes Relaxation

Hormone Imbalance Relaxation



Immune System Visualisation

Incontinence Relaxation

Indegestion Relaxation

Inoperable Disease Relaxation



Knuckle Cracking

Lip Biting

Living with Allergies Relaxation

Living with Alopecia Relaxation

Living with Cancer Relaxation

Living with Chemotherapy Relaxation

Living with Food Intolerances

Living with Gout

Living with HIV Positively

Living with Macular Degeneration Relaxation

Living with Prostate Cancer

Lower Cholesterol Visualisation

Lupus Relaxation

Lympedema Relaxation

MD Relaxation

Medication Adherance

Medication Side Effects Relaxation

Menopause Relaxation

Migraine Relaxation

Mind Clutter

MND Relaxation

Morning Person

Motion Sickness

Mouth and Cheek Biting

MS Relaxation

Muscular Relaxation

Nail Biting


Nervous Fainting

Nervous Twitching

New Year New You

Noise Sensitivity

Obsessive Behaviours

Obsessive Compulsive Disorders

Osteoporosis Relaxation

Pain Relaxation

Pancreatitis Relaxation

Parkinson's Disease Relaxation

Phantom Limb Pain Relaxation

Polyneuropathy Relaxation

Post-Natal Depression

Post-Surgery Recovery

Pre-Surgery Preperation

Raynauds Disease Relaxation

Renal Function Relaxation

Restless Leg Syndrome

Rheumatoid Arthritis Relaxation

Root Canal

SAD Relaxation

Sciatica Relaxation

Scoliosis Relaxation

Sea Sickness Relaxation

Self Creating Alternatives

Shingles Relaxation

Sinusitus Relaxation

Sjogren's Syndrome Relaxation

Skin Picking

Sleep Talking

Snoring for the Listener

Snoring Relaxation

Surviving Child Abuse

Swallowing Pills with Ease

Taste Disorder Relaxation

Teeth Grinding

Thumb Sucking for Adults

Thyroid Imbalance Relaxation

Tinnitus Relaxation

Tourette Syndrome Relaxation

Unwanted Thoughts

Varicose Veins Relaxation

Vertigo Relaxation

If you are suffering from any other condition you can message us below to see if and how we can help you further: 




EMDR Specialist Anxiety Practitioner 

Wadebridge | Cornwall

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